Garage Doors as Barn Doors

Wood Pedestrian Gates

Barn Door Styles

Getting creative with the garage doors is what we live for at Garage Doors Unlimited and turning them into a barn door has been a popular request!

This style can be used inside or for your driveway. Check out some of the ways we have created barn doors for our customer and get inspired.

Glass Barn Door

Bar & Restaurant Doors

This application really gave us the itch to do more projects in this fashion. We turned what is normally our glass overhead doors into sliding barn doors that access the patio of this restaurant in the San Diego Gaslamp District. It adds a real focal point to the recreation section of this bar and gives good ol’ Forest Gump something to aim for!

We placed this door on a metal rail and added some iron straps and hardware to boost make a rugged look.

Here is an example of a wooden barn door

Wood Pedestrian Gates

Truly rustic and beautifully placed to a side entrance into the garage of this condo.

The metal rail above glides the door along the track and makes a traditional wood garage door a fabulous side entrance.

Painted Wood Garage Doors

This is an example of a barn door was designed for your typical garage! The white painted borders and the shape of the overhead garage covering exudes traditional barn style.

We love doors and any entrance pieces that beautify your home! Visit our wood garage door page for more information on styles that will boost your curb appeal.

Gaslamp District Projects

Bar & Restaurant Doors

Downtown dining with a view

We do a lot of work in the Gaslamp section of San Diego and our restaurants are some of the centerpieces of GDU.  These restaurants are some of the most recent jobs we’ve done around town!

Rockin Baja Lobster  is one of the more recent projects we’ve completed in downtown. We installed large vertical lift windows that function on a track that goes straight up and down.

This spot is a local SD favorite and we were really excited to be apart of it!

Bar & Restaurant Doors

The expanse of each window adds light and the ambiance of the outdoors inside the dining room.

The large size of each window made sure all hands were on deck on the day of the installation! Check out our team working together to make this window makeover happen:

The final outcome was a beautiful finish!

Bar & Restaurant Doors

The Smoking Gun 

This restaurant doubled as a restaurant and a coffee bar called Spill The Beans.

Bar & Restaurant Doors

We installed the same vertical lift windows for this restaurant as well! Adding large windows to a communal area truly makes a difference for the experience of guests and diners.

Bar & Restaurant Doors

This version of our glass garage door was transformed into a barn door style and used for the pool and recreation area of the bar. The use of this door is innovative for commercial and residential application.

Check back for more updates on our restaurant projects at GDU!

Visit our Bar & Restaurant page to see more projects our company has participated in!

Custom Wood Garage Doors: Style and Structure

Painted Wood Garage Doors

We love the word “custom” and GDU and our wood garage doors are the centerpiece for this product line. What most consumers don’t realize about wood garage doors are the amount of variety there is out there.  Iron accessories, the type of staining, or painting  you can do for this door, really brings the personality of the home to life. Here are some different wood garage doors that have come from our warehouse:

Arches and Accessories

Stain Grade Custom Garage Doors

This first example is the Mediterranean style that is a very popular door in southern California. These beautiful arches and iron clavos show the influence of Spanish architecture out in the county of San Diego. The custom staining to bring our the fine finish of Mahogany is a centerpiece for any driveway.

Modern simplicity is another popular style that many beach communities tend to gravitate towards. This modern wood garage door is flushed from head to toe and has a carmel staining of natural cedar wood:

Simple & Sophisticated

Stain Grade Custom Garage Doors

There are no accessories on this door and it’s completely unnecessary with this style. Minimal and sophisticated is the theme for this home.

Another modern wood garage door added to this category really shows the wood texture nicely:

Stain Grade Custom Garage Doors


The natural red highlights in this door keeps the hedges and trees at this house framed just right with the exterior of the house.

The Painted Look

Our painted wooden garage doors all have a unique look and feel as well! If you are looking for that barn style, craftsman, or a more traditional look, these doors transform very well:

Painted Wood Garagedoors

This house only needs a white picket fence to complete the Americana look. All our painted wood garage doors are prepped so that you can add the perfect coat of paint! Our options for windows will add a great feel to the overall look of the door.

Some folks want a less traditional look and opt for fun colors. We did this door for a customer out in Point Loma. We were surprised how much character and life it added to their driveway:

Painted Wood Garage Doors

As you can see, anyway you choose to have your wood garage door done, we can do it! Visit our website to explore more designs and style choices for your ultimate curb appeal.

Home Interiors: Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors

Multi-Purpose Use

Glass garage doors are being used in a variety of ways for modern interior design. GDU installed several glass garage doors for an apartment complex in North Park, San Diego and were used for dividing the living room space with the outdoor patio area. These doors roll-up and add a unique way of bringing the outside inside your home! We used a wall-mounted garage door opener for this project which saved on storage and adds a clean appearance.

Glass Garage Doors

These doors are the same products we use for the different bars and restaurants we installed in downtown San Diego. They can be made to your opening and color coated to the spaces specifications.

Check out our project in Pacific Beach, San Diego:Bar & Restaurant Doors

The individual sections move along the track and fold up into your overhead space. Garage Doors have come along way! Home owners are also converted garage spaces around town and using them for more of a recreational purpose.

Check out this home in El Cajon, CA that has prepped their garage for entertaining family on the coming Thanksgiving holiday in 2017! Check out photos of this particular project:Glass Garage Doors

We LOVE the old entry door being used as a dining room table! Creativity and function are the two biggest elements we admire and adhere to at Garage Doors Unlimited! Check back soon for more unique and fun projects coming up!

Wrought Iron Gates: Elegant and Intricate

Wrought Iron Driveway Gates

It’s #MakeAnEntranceMonday again at GDU and we are highlighting a product that deserves to be shown off: wrought iron gates!

One Solid Piece

The process of creating wrought iron gates is intricate and extremely detailed. We use what is called “Fully welded construction” where the gate itself is one large piece of metal that doesn’t have overlays or moving parts. This ensures that the gate is sturdy and even all the way across. This process takes more time and attention to detail but will keep your gate lasting for decades to come.

View this piece created for a large gated community in Chula Vista, CA

Wrought Iron Driveway Gates

  The filigree design gives a vintage look to this type of gate. The elevated spokes and edges create added security and visual intensity for this driveway.

Pedestrian or Entry gates are also a great way to add a wrought iron piece to your home. We created this gate for the side entrance of this home in the North County area of San Diego:

Wrought Iron Entry Gates

The outer design of the house did not have a metal fence, but rather a concrete wall surrounding the exterior of this house. This gate can compliment virtually any home depending on location of the gate and the iron work design. Our trained consultants are great about guiding to choose the type of gate for your dwelling.

Visit our page on gates and learn more about this design and other styles we create at GDU,


Iron Accessories for Gates

Entry Gates

 At GDU want to show you how iron hardware can make such a change. This wooden driveway gate has a few different looks.

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Wood Door Wednesday: Mediterranean Flare

Stain Grade Wood Garage Doors

It’s what we like to call #WoodDoorWednesday at Garage Doors Unlimited and we will showing some of our favorite or more recent custom wood garage doors we have done in the San Diego area. We love the custom look at GDU and our wood doors are the bread and butter of what makes our company so unique!

This beauty is a door we did up in the Oceanside area of San Diego. This Mediterranean style wood garage door explores the beautiful distressed look that comes with this style of door. The ornate iron hardware also brings out a European feel that is quite popular in the Southern California neighborhoods.

The recessed panels add a hardy structure to the custom wood garage door. The matching entry gate with filigree iron work softens the the look between the two different doors.

Stain Grade Custom Garage Doors


Wood Driveway Gates: Raw or Stained?

Wooden Driveway Gate

Happy Monday from GDU! We have decided to call this #MakeanEntranceMonday where we feature all our custom driveway gates, entry gates, and awning windows. We all know the first day back to the grind is a bit rough, so why not add some style??

Today we are showing the exact same gate, but done two different ways. We have the raw version up first. This gate is in it’s most natural form with no treatments or paint added:

Wooden Driveway Gate

The texture of pure wood adds a rustic feel to the exterior of this property while still appearing elegant. The recessed panels and diagonal lines are easily seen in this state.

Our wooden driveway gates can be made to either be stain or paint grade. However, if you prefer to have neither and keep this natural look, let your estimator know and he can get you the options you need!

Up next is the stained version of this gate. Beautiful and simple, but definitely adds an overall different feel to the external view:

Wooden Driveway Gate

This was the final version we created for a customer in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. The stain matches the stone posts attached and gives a very east coast vibe to the final product.

No matter what you are looking for our design consultants can find you options you might have never even thought you wanted! Check out other styles on our website and learn more about getting your free estimate today!


Awning Windows for your kitchen

Awning Window

Outdoor space meets indoor space

Awning Windows are a simple and easy window to operate and use. GDU has created this style of window specifically for our customers. We live in sunny San Diego and the desire to integrate your outdoor space with your indoor area is huge! Customers have found this style to be useful around the beach communities where an afternoon breeze can create the perfect ventilation.

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Maintenance Tips: Make it last!

Maintenance Tips

At GDU, we build custom garage doors that are centerpieces to our customer’s homes. These elements are a real investment of money and time for your home.

Why not make it last??

We have some maintenance tips to ensure your new garage doors are set up to withstand the test of time. Read more