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We love discovering new and interesting websites, products, etc.

Garage Doors Unlimited wanted to share this awesome website called Next Door. Read more

In Progress: Current Projects

Garage Doors Unlimited is heading into Spring with a huge spring in our step! Our projects are in full force and we wanted to share some of the things we are working on. Read more

New Garage Doors

Getting your home upgraded is both a process and an investment. Starting with a garage door, the biggest door in your home, is a great step!

Now that you’ve started the process of getting a new garage door, what can you expect? How long is the process and what should you be aware of AFTER the installation??

Let’s start from the very beginning… Read more

GDU around San Diego: Dixieline, Costco, and more!

Home Improvement and Design is a very interesting field. We aren’t just here to help change the color of your doors or your carpets, we are helping you invest in your life! Your home is a symbol of a life built by families and memories that are cherished.

Garage Doors Unlimited is excited to be apart of THAT process of changing and investing in your home and memories. We are proud to be on display in major companies around San Diego County.

Dixieline Lumber Yards and Costco Wholesale has welcomed GDU into the companies list of vendors. Read more

What’s the Frequency?

We’ve all been there. You’re in your car ready to head out, BUT your garage door won’t open! The keypads and remotes aren’t working either and it’s panic time! You call a local professional (Garage Doors Unlimited!) and need a service team out there ASAP.

BEFORE you start calling up a garage door professional to come fix your issue consider a few things that might be causing the problem. Read more

Garden Gates

WE love creating at GDU! Customizing your home is not just about updating for the sake of value, it truly is a craft. Garage Doors Unlimited understands that the ability to listen to our consumers on what they NEED and WANT is absolutely crucial, which is why we pride ourselves in our custom products!

Our gates are made with the same amount of care and detail that we give to our Garage Doors.

Check out the work we have done for the communities in San Diego County: Read more

Del Mar Home Show Pt.2

A big THANK YOU! to everyone who came out to our booth at the Del Mar Home show this weekend. Read more

Del Mar Home Show

Garage Doors Unlimited has a great booth at the Del Mar Home Show this weekend!

Stop by booth #307 and check out our goods! We have a custom wood door on display, samples of our wood-grain, glass doors and door handles for everyone. Read more

The “photo eyes” or sensors for your garage door are just as important as the motor that moves your door. Common issues associated with garage door sensors can be: garage door will close half way, the door goes down and then quickly bounces back up.

So what can be done? What if this door is brand new and it’s already acting up?? Read more

G is for Google!

The internet is a crazy domain with endless amounts of info, photos, tutorials, and pure insanity as well!
The web is like a giant playground at recess. It’s complete with bullies, clicks, and teachers too.
GDU loves the teacher on tenure: Google! We have upgraded up our Google Reviews pages, Google+ and our website: gdugaragedoors.com to make us easy to find and available for everyone out there! Read more