Awning Window

Outdoor space meets indoor space

Awning Windows are a simple and easy window to operate and use. GDU has created this style of window specifically for our customers. We live in sunny San Diego and the desire to integrate your outdoor space with your indoor area is huge! Customers have found this style to be useful around the beach communities where an afternoon breeze can create the perfect ventilation.

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Maintenance Tips

At GDU, we build custom garage doors that are centerpieces to our customer’s homes. These elements are a real investment of money and time for your home.

Why not make it last??

We have some maintenance tips to ensure your new garage doors are set up to withstand the test of time. Read more

Design Studio with Dixieline

Garage Doors Unlimited has been busy working with an awesome retailer Dixieline, and had an AMAZING showcase last Friday in Solana Beach.

Designers, Contractors, and vendors from all over San Diego got together to bring some of their best goods and services at the Dixieline Design Studio!

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Fence Me In!

We are excited to show you a project we completed recently at GDU!

A beautiful, modern home was created in La Jolla, CA and we had the pleasure of creating some beautiful garage doors, gates, and custom fencing for the property.

The art of creating residential fences is something we are venturing forward in.
Take a look at these beauties and contact us if you have any questions!

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Home Renovations

Home Remodeling, and renovations are hot on people’s to do list in 2017.

Home owners and HOA’s know that keeping your space up to date and polished will always give you a great ROI. In an article featured on National Mortgage Professional, garage door replacement along with changing the insulation in your attic made the list.

Making smaller changes in your home can give you the bigger bang for your buck when you are on the fix-it crusade! Kitchen Remodels were also on this list and Garage Doors Unlimited has scene our hopper windows grace the windows of kitchens in San Diego:

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Garage Remotes

We know the feeling. You go to close your garage door and nothing. The remote seems to be unresponsive. It might be time to change the battery in that remote!

You might feel like you just changed those batteries, but in reality, those guys will last you up to 5 years, then it’s time for new ones! Luckily it’s a very simple process and I’ll walk you through step by step.

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We’re in YOUR Neighborhood!

We love discovering new and interesting websites, products, etc.

Garage Doors Unlimited wanted to share this awesome website called Next Door. Read more

In Progress: Current Projects

Garage Doors Unlimited is heading into Spring with a huge spring in our step! Our projects are in full force and we wanted to share some of the things we are working on. Read more

New Garage Doors

Getting your home upgraded is both a process and an investment. Starting with a garage door, the biggest door in your home, is a great step!

Now that you’ve started the process of getting a new garage door, what can you expect? How long is the process and what should you be aware of AFTER the installation??

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GDU around San Diego: Dixieline, Costco, and more!

Home Improvement and Design is a very interesting field. We aren’t just here to help change the color of your doors or your carpets, we are helping you invest in your life! Your home is a symbol of a life built by families and memories that are cherished.

Garage Doors Unlimited is excited to be apart of THAT process of changing and investing in your home and memories. We are proud to be on display in major companies around San Diego County.

Dixieline Lumber Yards and Costco Wholesale has welcomed GDU into the companies list of vendors. Read more