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Chilly in San Diego?

This December has proven to be a rather cold one for most San Diegans. We are spoiled with the ever present- 72 degree weather and this season we have been sticking around the early-to late 30’s! So what can help the wind chill as well as save money on these cold December nights?

GDU on Houzz

Garage Doors Unlimited has been making the rounds on Houzz.com Check out GDU’s houzz photos, projects, and some of our polls about the best doors for YOU! Are you a #Houzz-a-holic? So are we at GDU!

Commercial Vertical Track Clips

Our manufacturer at Amarr is creating a switch with their lower vertical track clips. Instead of the typical 2 slots, these clips will be switching to a 3 slot track! These changes will be effective immediately by Amarr. If you have any questions call us at, 858-668-0934! Check out Amarr’s website: Amarr Garage Doors

Beach Home Makeover

GDU really enjoys being the company that provides a change in someone’s living space. WE LOVE seeing our guests light up and experience the joy of seeing their home transformed! Garage doors may seem like a small change in someone’s home, but in reality it can make all the difference for buyers and sellers of […]

This will change your warehouse!

Garage Doors Unlimited’s manufacturer Amarr is introducing SuperFlex! This Amarr door is going to change warehouse doors for every business! The SuperFlex material is so flexible that impact can push the door back to its normal state.

Curbside Makeover

At GDU we enjoy the entire process of meeting our customers, seeing what they are looking for, then having the pleasure of creating a gorgeous door just for them! Another fun journey is seeing the Before and After of a project. How adding a new spanking door can really spruce up that already beautiful home. […]

Labor Day? Why celebrate?

Labor Day is here and it’s hard to believe another some summer has come and gone! I’ve often wondered exactly what are the reasons/origins for celebrating this day other than the usual 3 day weekend! Labor day basically is celebrating how far we have come in this country regarding work safety and fairness situations.