Garage Door Opener Service

Garage Door Opener Service

GDU offers a comprehensive garage door opener service that includes both inspection of your existing opener and all it’s components to asses whether you are in need of a new motor.

Your garage door opener does a lot of heavy lifting throughout the day so it’s no surprise that it may need to be serviced and inspected from time to time. Whether you need a new opener or your current one requires some maintenance, GDU carries the best and latest models from LiftMaster and Marantec. Our techs are trained to handle everything from replacing the “brain” or logic board behind your opener, to making sure your remotes are all programmed properly. Let GDU diagnose the issue and get your motor working today.

We repair and install brands like Liftmaster, Marantec, and Chamberlain.

Do you have low ceiling space? Is your garage attached to a bedroom?
There are different types of motors available to get you what you need for your garage.

Check out the different types of openers we offer and learn about their unique features:

Belt Drive Openers

Garage Door Opener Service

Quiet and durable the strong rubber belt moves your garage door with ease and strength. These are an ideal choice for any garage placed above a bedroom.

Maintenance is kept to a minimum with this model which makes for an economical choice.

Jackshaft Openers

If you have a low ceiling and limited space in your garage, this opener is the perfect fit! This mounts on your wall maximizing your overhead space and has the option for a backup battery in case of a power outtage.

Chain Drive Openers

Garage Door Opener Service

A classic style in the garage door world, chain driven openers are a reliable choice. The system uses a large chain to open and close your garage door. A great option if you have a heavy duty door.

GDU is commited to fixing the root of your issue and we won’t stop until it’s right!

Our company delivers an unbeatable service experience along with a trusted reputation that has given us a 5 star rating on Google and Facebook.

As the only garage door program for retail giants, Costco and Dixieline, you can rest assured that we will provide a level of customer care and attention to detail that you cannot find anywhere else.

Serving San Diego county since 1999, GDU knows how busy life can be and how valuable your time is; let us keep your day to day smooth by getting you in and out of your garage with ease and safety!

Safety Tips

Your garage door is the largest moving door in your home and should be used safely. GDU has put together some key safety tips to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure.

  1. Don’t stand or walk under a moving door.
    Life gets hectic and we’re all in a hurry to get to our destinations, but never walk or stand underneath a moving door. Again, this is the largest moving door in your home and the possibility of being pinned can result in serious injury or even death. Wait for the door to finish moving, then proceed to move outside.
  2. Keep your wall keypad out of children’s reach and away from moving parts.
    Make sure they are placed at least 5 ft. off the floor. Mount and use the buttons where you can clearly see your garage door moving.
  3. NEVER replace a broken garage spring yourself!
    As it states in our spring repair section, this is a very dangerous job and needs proper tools and training. Without proper training and tools, serious injuries can happen and can be fatal in some cases. Use a professional only!
  4. Check the owner’s manual of your opener and door.
    The instructions are tailored to each brand and model, so make sure you consult this pamphlet for basic troubleshooting and questions. Once you have found the right manual, go through and check the operation of your door and opener.
  5. Keep hands and fingers clear of section joints, hinges, track, springs, and other moving parts.
    Contact with a moving door or its hardware could cause serious injury. These injuries can also happen with garage doors that don’t have automatic openers.

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