Paint Grade Custom Garage Doors

Our paint grade custom garage doors are perfect for achieving virtually any style and keeping the quality and durability of a wood garage door.

These doors are prepped and ready for you to add a fresh coat of paint of your choosing.

Browse our gallery below and see the many styles and colors we have done over the years. The possibilities are endless!

Built to Last

All of our custom garage doors are built with a lifetime warranty on the frame, two years on the face and are made to be the last garage door you will ever need to buy for your home.

An Economical Choice

These paint grade custom wood garage doors are an economical choice for anyone interested in a wood garage door. We use a specific type of wood that lends itself to be painted and remain resistant to cracking and expanding over time. As a result, this type of door has all the benefits and qualities of genuine wood, but with a more affordable price tag. Our stain grade custom wood garage door uses a different grade that is designed to be bring out the texture and color of natural wood through staining instead of paint

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