Broken Springs

Broken Springs

A healthy torsion spring can literally make or break your garage door! Our techs are trained and ready to replace your broken garage springs safely and efficiently.

Like garage doors, there are different kinds of torsion springs and making sure you have the proper one installed will ensure the functionality of your garage door for years to come.

A large wood door requires a heavier spring in order to open and close properly and maintain a good counter balance.

Safety First!

Garage springs are heavy duty objects that are VERY dangerous and should only be handled by a professional!

The large amount of pressure stored inside the spring can cause extreme bodily harm and in some cases even death.

Leave this job to GDU and let our techs take care of this situation.

Tips on Broken Springs:

  1. Call a professional if your spring appears broken or worn. This piece is part of the backbone of your garage door. Keep these guys in tip top shape.
  2. NEVER buy a garage door kit. Do NOT replace a broken spring on your own. Call a professional and we’ll get it fixed and save you a trip to the ER!
  3. Give your garage door a tune up every year. This will keep all moving parts healthy and keep your door moving for years to come.

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