Awning Windows

Our awning windows are the latest addition to the GDU product line. We are very excited about this window which adds a beautiful aesthetic to any home or business.

Learn more on how you can add an expansive feel to your kitchen or bar with our windows and why we can’t stop talking about them!


Quick Access

The flip up style was designed at GDU to allow easy access over bars, pool decks, or kitchens. Get ready to slide your favorite margarita or snack from your bar to your guests with ease!


We use a thick single piece of glass that creates a great seal when the window is closed. Unlike traditional windows that usually have several seams, ours has only one layer that prevents air from escaping inside or out. The tempered glass is extremely durable providing an added security element for your home or business. Extra insulated glass is also available upon request.

A Clear View

Our windows give you and your guests an unobstructed
view that is ideal for entertaining.

Give your kitchen an instant upgrade by mounting an awning
window above your sink and enjoy the improved ventilation
as well.

Easy Operation

A slight pull from the outside and the window gently lifts itself. The smooth operation of the hinges makes for a very quiet window to open without the hassle and noise of latches.

Custom Options

Like most of our products, we can customize the size of your window and have it ready for virtually any opening.

The window’s frame has hundreds of colors to choose from, ranging from traditional black, to tropical green, to a more subtle metallic grey.

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