Awning Window

Outdoor space meets indoor space

Awning Windows are a simple and easy window to operate and use. GDU has created this style of window specifically for our customers. We live in sunny San Diego and the desire to integrate your outdoor space with your indoor area is huge! Customers have found this style to be useful around the beach communities where an afternoon breeze can create the perfect ventilation.

Awning Window


The aluminum frame on our awning windows can be customized to come in over 20 different colors. Whether you want to choose from powder coated paint or different anodized finishes, we can create the look you’ve been dreaming of.

The hinges on the side have adjustable strength. This element is gas powered and can be given extra strength in order to give a quicker open.

Awning Windows

Whether you want a new addition to your kitchen or retail space, GDU can make the custom look you want.