Windows & Appetizers

San Diego has NO shortage of delicious places to eat! If you love to get a tasty meal, GDU has some suggestions. We have also had the pleasure of doing the gorgeous windows for each of the spots I’m about to mention! Read more

Common Door Concerns

Garage Doors Unlimited has been in business almost 20 years and have seen quite a few questions and concerns over the years.

We thought we would share some common concerns and tips that will make your installation go smoothly! Read more

Moody Blues: Science behind Color

The power of using the right colors to invoke particular feelings is an amazing art form. It’s intricate enough that universities all over the world have formal studies dedicated to learning about it!

Color affects our mood and our general sense of comfort. Since seeing certain hues can help us make decisions about things at first glance, it’s an important factor to consider when styling your home.

Let’s take a brief look at colors and some of the associations we have with different ones. Read more

License & Registration Please!

The world of home improvement is exciting and fun! Getting the chance to add curb value to your home increases it’s worth and gives the old shack a fresh coat of paint.

You’re probably in the market looking for contractors and handymen to get your garage or kitchen all spiffed up. But what happens if the person you hired disappears? Cracks your wall? or just does a plain BAD job!? Read more

Open up

Garage Doors Unlimited is rolling out a brand new blog and excited to show everyone the nuts and bolts of our company!

We are located in ridiculously sunny year-round, endless summer city that is San Diego.

Plenty more to come see keep watch. Read more

Cool zone: 6 ways to not use AC

How can you avoid using the AC 24/7 this summer?

Here’s a few tricks and tips to cool down both your home and yourself during those hot summer months. Read more

Damage Control

It happens….more than you think! Between working, cleaning up after your kids, running them to and from practice, life gets hectic. You’ve got no sleep AND you’re late to work! then…..bam! You smack into your garage door one morning.

So what do you do now?? Read more

Move That Door

How do you know what kind of garage opener to get? It’s important to get the right type for your needs and everyone has different priorities.

Here’s a look at the different kinds that are out there and their benefits. Remember, this device is the power behind the actual door so it’s great to know your options! Read more

Energy: Less is More

A well insulated garage door can conserve energy! See how this home improvement project can cut down on your electric bill.
Summer is in full swing and we all know that AC can rack up quite a bill during these dog days of summer.

In a Cost Vs. Value report, garage doors of 2016 were compared to garage doors installed in 2015 and looked at the cost recuperation at resale. An estimated 91% of the costs for the garage door were recouped upon resale. It’s clear that this type of home improvement is important and strategic when selling your home (Check out the Cost Vs Value Report). Read more