Breaking Down Wind Load


Home renovation is  exciting and daunting for home owners. Luckily, a good contractor or builder has knowledge on details like wind load.

 What exactly is wind load? It’s the amount of force placed on your windows and doors under windy conditions. Garage door brands and window companies give their products a grade on how much force can be absorbed by these natural elements.

 We do live in America’s Finest City, which tends to be the land of the endless summer, BUT the Santa Ana winds are something to consider. Every year we experience the dry conditions and stronger than normal winds that end up being a concern for fire season out here.

Wind load can be broken down into 3 elements or categories that affect structures:

  1. Shear Load: This is when the horizontal push of the wind can cause your house to tilt and move.
  2. Uplift Load: The air flow that rises and pushes upward on an object similar to a draft that birds and airplanes experience in mid air on their wings. There is air flow that carries itself underneath a roof as well as over the roof.
  3.  Lateral Load: This is the pressure placed horizontally on the walls of a structure that could cause a building to slide off a cliff or high altitude location.

These three types work together to encompass what residential and commercial codes to classify as wind load.

Wind loaded doors are not required in San Diego County, but in certain parts of the U.S. like Florida, each county has specific codes that require external doors to have a wind load rated door. At GDU, if you are concerned about the weather conditions in your city, make sure to ask for the specific doors we carry that can be made with this feature.

What’s the take away?

It’s an element to consider before purchasing your garage doors and windows depending on your location in the country. If you need this element on your door’s order, please mention this to our sales/customer service staff and we will be sure to accommodate this need!

We make sure your questions and concerns are addressed at GDU and let us know if there’s an issue or topic you need more info on.

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