We are dreaming of warmer weather here in San Diego!

This sounds like we’re kidding, but it’s been a cold couple of weeks at GDU! Our city received a cold snap and we miss our sunshine. The thoughts of summer parties and outdoor entertaining have been flooding our minds. We’ve come up with some ideas on how to get ready for the summer entertaining season up ahead. Read more

Up-Cycling Transforms

Up-cycling is a trend that is becoming a great way of making something old into something fresh and usable again.

The internet is filled with awesome up-cycling ideas that can transform all different aspects of your home. Do a Google search for some of the materials you have around your home. You will be sure to find a solution to using these leftover products.

We are highlighting 2 projects that are not only beautiful, but also add unique character and function to your space. Read more

We are lucky to live in the land of endless sunshine! San Diego has some of the best weather in California and some beautiful things to do and see in our community.

If you are looking for some fun, inexpensive things to do in our town, check out our list below. Read more

Clutter is a common issue for home owners and really anyone over a period of time. We all come across items in our home, garage, or closet that end up taking space, but not adding to the quality of everyday life. Spring is coming, so why not remove unwanted stuff sitting in your garage by having an old school garage sale?

We have some tips and tricks to make your next garage sale successful and fun. Read more

Smartphone and WiFi Accessibility

Space is a pivotal part of any garage or home and maximizing the most out of it is a common goal.

Wall-mounted garage door motors, called Jackshafts, provide the same amount of power as your traditional overhead opener, while being compact and saving you overhead space.

The new 8500W by Liftmaster has Wi-Fi and some other amazing perks. Read more

Breaking Down Wind Load


Home renovation is  exciting and daunting for home owners. Luckily, a good contractor or builder has knowledge on details like wind load.

 What exactly is wind load? It’s the amount of force placed on your windows and doors under windy conditions. Garage door brands and window companies give their products a grade on how much force can be absorbed by these natural elements. Read more

Awning windows for The Walkabout Australia

Our latest window project is with the SD Safari Park and the new exhibit coming called the Walkabout Australia.

This project will feature our very own awning windows created in house at Garage Doors Unlimited. We are beyond thrilled to be a part of an amazing organization like the San Diego Safari Park and can’t wait to unveil the finished look. GDU is currently creating over 20 of our custom awning windows for this installation. Guests will have a chance to interact up close with kangaroos, wombats, and other creatures from down under. Read more

Glass Garage Doors

Get the facts before you start planning


Turning your garage into a comfortable and legal living space can be exciting and also extremely useful. Make sure you comply with your city’s rules and regulations and save yourself the money and headaches! We’ve got 7 things you should know before converting your garage into a livable space in San Diego. Read more

Wooden Driveway Gate

Underground Parking Structures

We do a wide variety of gates here at Garage Doors Unlimited and one gate that needs more attention is our parking gate. We have done a few different gates for apartment complexes and homes that have an underground parking area. Read more

The making of a pedestrian gate

Initial Estimate

The early stages of production are extremely important for making a quality product.

At GDU, we work to get the design, measurements, and the structure of the product 100% dialed in from the beginning. The free estimate is THE crucial first step into making a design that will live in your home for decades to come. Not only will your piece be handmade and constructed in our local warehouse, BUT it will also be completely unique to your home alone.

So what are some of the building blocks for a custom design?? Read more