We are dreaming of warmer weather here in San Diego!

This sounds like we’re kidding, but it’s been a cold couple of weeks at GDU! Our city received a cold snap and we miss our sunshine. The thoughts of summer parties and outdoor entertaining have been flooding our minds. We’ve come up with some ideas on how to get ready for the summer entertaining season up ahead. Read more

Clutter is a common issue for home owners and really anyone over a period of time. We all come across items in our home, garage, or closet that end up taking space, but not adding to the quality of everyday life. Spring is coming, so why not remove unwanted stuff sitting in your garage by having an old school garage sale?

We have some tips and tricks to make your next garage sale successful and fun. Read more

Maintenance Tips

At GDU, we build custom garage doors that are centerpieces to our customer’s homes. These elements are a real investment of money and time for your home.

Why not make it last??

We have some maintenance tips to ensure your new garage doors are set up to withstand the test of time. Read more