Common Door Concerns

Garage Doors Unlimited has been in business almost 20 years and have seen quite a few questions and concerns over the years.

We thought we would share some common concerns and tips that will make your installation go smoothly!

Weather seal is crumpled and bent – this is a common comment that we get on the daily. Customers might think, “Why would you install a piece of rubber that looks that bent and crooked!?” These weather seals come packaged and vacuum sealed from the manufacturers so they will always look a little funky upon first look. HOWEVER, once these rubber seals are put on the side and bottom of the door, over time (typically 1 week) they will form and mold to fit your door perfectly. The material is naturally flexible and due to heat expansion, will conform to the frame around it.

My door is squeaking whenever I open it!
If you just got a brand new Garage Door Opener (Particularly if it’s a chain model) there will be an initial creaking noise coming from the chains. These chains are new and can be a little bit noisy for the first 4-5 days and then the gears should have warmed up. The material gets used to the oils and the general motion of being used daily and will be quiet in no time. NO need to worry!

When getting ready for your new door installation, have some key elements ready to make the process quick and easy!

  1. Clear any debris in the garage: make sure any heavy objects, boxes, or clutter is not blocking your installers way. This will keep things safe for them and keep the process moving efficiently!
  2. Expect a 2-hour window: GDU provides a 2 hour window for the installer to be at your home in case the previous job while allotting time for travel as well. We call to keep our clients updated and happy so we will keep you informed!
  3. Pets and loved ones: Changing a new door or fixing springs can be a dangerous job! Which means make sure your pets and kiddos are safely inside where they won’t get in harms way. Installers/Techs use some heavy equipment that can harm the paws and hands of all our little ones. Take care and hang inside!

Hope some of these help make the new addition to your home go as smoothly as possible!