Cool zone: 6 ways to not use AC

How can you avoid using the AC 24/7 this summer?

Here’s a few tricks and tips to cool down both your home and yourself during those hot summer months.

  1. Draw the curtains and shut the windows. We work full time, parent full-time, so we definitely are not at home all hours of the day. Make it a habit when you leave in the morning to close the curtains, shut the windows, and power down any major electronics throughout your home. This will definitely save on the electric bill and contribute to making your space much cooler! ALSO, check out black out curtains that can keep heat and light from drowning a bedroom or living space.
  2. Grab a fan. Crack out the old fashioned electric fan and stick it in your window! TIP: Stick the fan in an open window and find the switch that reverses the fan to a counter-clockwise position to push the air out.
  3. Weather strip: This is a handy item you can purchase for the bottom and sides of your garage door. Your garage is the biggest door in your home and by making sure it seals off the heat, you will definitely have a much cooler home.
    Foot Bath: Your feet keep the body’s temp in check. Give your tootsies a nice cool bath before bed team and it will relax and cool you down.
    Water your sheets: Lightly misting your bed sheets is another handy trick to getting a cooler sleep.
    No more incandescent lights: Switch your light bulbs to LED’s all around your home and watch that electric bill lower. It costs more upfront, but in the long run, not only will your house be using less energy, it will cool everything down and put a few extra dollars in your pocket each month!