The making of a pedestrian gate

Initial Estimate

The early stages of production are extremely important for making a quality product.

At GDU, we work to get the design, measurements, and the structure of the product 100% dialed in from the beginning. The free estimate is THE crucial first step into making a design that will live in your home for decades to come. Not only will your piece be handmade and constructed in our local warehouse, BUT it will also be completely unique to your home alone.

So what are some of the building blocks for a custom design??

Design Blueprint

Once we have measured the location of your pedestrian or driveway gate, showed you samples, and discussed materials and a budget, our consultants work with our blueprint creator to create a CAD drawing of your gate. This drawing encompasses all the details you desire in your product.

Are you looking for arched panels? Swing out style versus sliding? This document lays out the components that make up what you are ordering.

Take a peak at this current project we are creating:

The making of a pedestrian gateThe making of a pedestrian gate

This was the early drawings we created for a current customer at GDU. The speakeasy is seen from the inside and the iron clavos are shown on the outside.

Being able to visualize your product before we start production is an extremely important step!

Here are some current photos of this gate in progress:

The making of a pedestrian gate


The making of a pedestrian gate

The finished product of this gate is coming soon! Keep checking our blog to get new updates on all our upcoming projects.