Painted Wood Garage Doors

We love the word “custom” and GDU and our wood garage doors are the centerpiece for this product line. What most consumers don’t realize about wood garage doors are the amount of variety there is out there.  Iron accessories, the type of staining, or painting  you can do for this door, really brings the personality of the home to life. Here are some different wood garage doors that have come from our warehouse:

Arches and Accessories

Stain Grade Custom Garage Doors

This first example is the Mediterranean style that is a very popular door in southern California. These beautiful arches and iron clavos show the influence of Spanish architecture out in the county of San Diego. The custom staining to bring our the fine finish of Mahogany is a centerpiece for any driveway.

Modern simplicity is another popular style that many beach communities tend to gravitate towards. This modern wood garage door is flushed from head to toe and has a carmel staining of natural cedar wood:

Simple & Sophisticated

Stain Grade Custom Garage Doors

There are no accessories on this door and it’s completely unnecessary with this style. Minimal and sophisticated is the theme for this home.

Another modern wood garage door added to this category really shows the wood texture nicely:

Stain Grade Custom Garage Doors


The natural red highlights in this door keeps the hedges and trees at this house framed just right with the exterior of the house.

The Painted Look

Our painted wooden garage doors all have a unique look and feel as well! If you are looking for that barn style, craftsman, or a more traditional look, these doors transform very well:

Painted Wood Garagedoors

This house only needs a white picket fence to complete the Americana look. All our painted wood garage doors are prepped so that you can add the perfect coat of paint! Our options for windows will add a great feel to the overall look of the door.

Some folks want a less traditional look and opt for fun colors. We did this door for a customer out in Point Loma. We were surprised how much character and life it added to their driveway:

Painted Wood Garage Doors

As you can see, anyway you choose to have your wood garage door done, we can do it! Visit our website to explore more designs and style choices for your ultimate curb appeal.