Damage Control

It happens….more than you think! Between working, cleaning up after your kids, running them to and from practice, life gets hectic. You’ve got no sleep AND you’re late to work! then…..bam! You smack into your garage door one morning.

So what do you do now??

  1. Asses the damage to your door and car. Is the door severely dented?? is it barely hanging off the overhead rails? Your safety is the number one priority so make sure you aren’t hurt or in the way of immediate danger. Get away from any heavy debris hanging above you.
  2. Which insurance do you call? Your car insurance won’t cover the damage done to your door. If you have collision coverage on your auto-insurance then this could come in handy with the car damage. Home owner’s insurance would be the point of contact for fixing the door. Make sure you call and get info on how much the deductible will be for your situation.Depending on if you have a sectional door, or the extent of the damage done, getting the door replaced may end up being the same price, if not close to it.
  3. DO NOT try to fix the door yourself! Call a professional garage door company. They are trained to handle situations like this and trying to DIY can be dangerous with big, heavy doors. If you can’t open/close the door, you could consult your owner’s manual on the opener, but don’t attempt to cut or pry open anything on your own. Get help!

Garage Doors Unlimited SD can help you if you have any questions about this situation. Call us at 858-668-0934 or email us at info@gdusandiego.com for more info.