Energy: Less is More

A well insulated garage door can conserve energy! See how this home improvement project can cut down on your electric bill.
Summer is in full swing and we all know that AC can rack up quite a bill during these dog days of summer.

In a Cost Vs. Value report, garage doors of 2016 were compared to garage doors installed in 2015 and looked at the cost recuperation at resale. An estimated 91% of the costs for the garage door were recouped upon resale. It’s clear that this type of home improvement is important and strategic when selling your home (Check out the Cost Vs Value Report).

A great way to cool down your home is by improving the insulation both inside and out. Investing in a well insulated garage door is a great way to lower that energy bill.

How do you determine what’s a well insulated door?

Take a look at the r-value. This number measures the amount of thermal resistance being done by the door’s insulation. A reading of R-12 is going to be better than an R-8.

So, do some research and then check out our manufacturer’s website: Amarr-Garage Door Energy Efficiency and check out Garage Doors Unlimited’s site on how to call for more info: Contact Us