Wood Pedestrian Gates

Barn Door Styles

We love finding new and innovative ways of using garage doors at GDU. Barn doors have been a really fun way to use our product.

You can make these for the interior of your home or add them to your driveway!

Check out the different ways we have used barn doors for our customers.

Glass Barn Door

Bar & Restaurant Doors

This application really gave us the itch to do more projects in this fashion. We turned what is normally our glass overhead doors into sliding barn doors that access the patio of this restaurant in the San Diego Gaslamp District. It adds a real focal point to the recreation section of this bar and gives good ol’ Forest Gump something to aim for!

We placed this door on a metal rail and added some iron straps and hardware to boost make a rugged look.

Here is an example of a wooden barn door

Wood Pedestrian Gates

Truly rustic and beautifully placed to a side entrance into the garage of this condo.

The metal rail above glides the door along the track and makes a traditional wood garage door a fabulous side entrance.

Painted Wood Garage Doors

This is an example of a barn door was designed for your typical garage! The white painted borders and the shape of the overhead garage covering exudes traditional barn style.

We love doors and any entrance pieces that beautify your home! Visit our wood garage door page for more information on styles that will boost your curb appeal.