We all collect things we don’t need in our garages and homes over the years that can be purged and organized for optimizing your space.

Spring is around the corner so why not get ahead of the spring cleaning session? GDU has some helpful tips and ideas for cleaning and organizing your garage.

Consider your current lifestyle


Lifestyle Choices

We all get busy in life with all the activities we have daily. It’s helpful to keep in mind the different hobbies and projects you will be doing throughout the year in order to organize your living space.

Are you an avid biker? Do you spend time in your garage fixing your vehicles? Do you have children and need ample storage for toys? Do you need gardening equipment to be accessible for your planting projects on the weekend?

Knowing what tools you will be using regularly will help you plan out all your essentials in your garage.

Organizing on a budget

Now that you have considered all the activities and tools for the inside of your garage, let’s check out some fun and useful storage ideas:

Pinterest is without a doubt one of the best places to find inspiration for a project..or anything at all! We love it at GDU.

You will find so many budget friendly ideas  that everyone can use!

The busy parent

We found an inspiring post from a user named Jillee on Pinterest, and we found our own way of making the same concept. These book shelves with open cubes make it easy to use your own storage tubs and make labeling easy!

book cube

This comes in different colors from espresso, white, and even this mint green color that is fun and useful! Add your clear storage bins or baskets and label away for toys, shoes, whatever items your little ones use in the garage. You can find this on Target‘s website for a mere $29.99


The Gardener/Handyman

We found this idea from a pin on Pinterest from doityourselfsamples.com that use old PVC pipe cleaners to be used as holders for your gardening tools.

An innovative and useful way getting those shovels and rakes out of anyone’s path. Avoid injury and get organized~

Pipe Cleaners for gardening tools

We will have another post on what to store in your garage and where to keep them safe!