We know the feeling. You go to close your garage door and nothing. The remote seems to be unresponsive. It might be time to change the battery in that remote!

You might feel like you just changed those batteries, but in reality, those guys will last you up to 5 years, then it’s time for new ones! Luckily it’s a very simple process and I’ll walk you through step by step.

I’ve chosen to use a LiftMaster 893LM and included the owner’s manual for reference: LiftMaster 893LM Manual
You first want to either find a penny, or a flat-head screw drive. Anything that is a flat enough tip to reach these grooves.

1. Insert your penny or screw driver into the 1st location and twist to the right:

 Garage Remotes

2. Move the remote to the 2nd position and insert the penny and twist to the right again:

 Garage Remotes

Move to the 3rd position and repeat! Insert the penny and twist to the right.

Garage Remotes

After you have “cracked” open the remote in all 3 positions the inside of your remote will look like this:

Garage Remotes

The battery is a CR2032 3V Lithium battery that you can find at CVS, Wallgreens, Target, all these popular stores will usually have these in a 2pk.

Make sure the positive side + is facing up! You can tell with the + symbol visible to you.
Try to not touch the green logic board inside when replacing your battery and that’s it!
Your battery should last you 5 years.

Next you must program this remote once again to your opener!

Next post: Learn how to program this remote AFTER you replace the battery is coming soon!
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