We are dreaming of warmer weather here in San Diego!

This sounds like we’re kidding, but it’s been a cold couple of weeks at GDU! Our city received a cold snap and we miss our sunshine. The thoughts of summer parties and outdoor entertaining have been flooding our minds. We’ve come up with some ideas on how to get ready for the summer entertaining season up ahead.

Number of Guests Coming

Get Your Home Ready for Outdoor Entertaining

Keeping track of the number of people attending is always a priority. You have to supply enough food, drinks, games, and seats for everyone to be comfortable and have fun! This will help decide the best spot to host everyone (Do you use your backyard, living room, patio, etc..)

Use a Unique Space

Glass Garage Doors

Using your garage as an entertaining space is resourceful and unique for outdoor entertaining. Being able to move food or any type of furniture inside or out is simple with that easy access to the house! If you have a clean and organized garage, prepping for your guests will be a breeze. Check out one of our customer’s garages that served as the dining room for Thanksgiving last year. The glass, overhead door added a modern touch and re-purposing a front door for a table kept things creative.

Appetizers of Every Kind

Outdoor Entertaining

Keep your menu filled with variety and fun by having an all appetizers dinner.Serve everything from chicken satay, veggie kabobs, crab cakes, to mini grilled cheese sandwiches! This will encourage a relaxed dining experience and skip the hassle of doing large, time consuming meals.

Kids Corner

Outdoor Entertaining with kidsOutdoor Entertaining with kids

Having a fun get together where parents can bring their kids can be great without getting too complicated. Try creating a kids’ corner for the little guys!

By lining a table with parchment paper and supplying crayons ( A LOT of crayons!). This will give the kids some fun time to be creative while the parents can eat, visit, and relax.

Another fun tip, if you have a small tent, set this up as “Kid’s ONLY Camp” and fill it with left over Halloween costumes, stuffed animals, and fun party favors like bubble wands. This can be set-up on your front lawn while the party takes place right in your garage!

We love finding new tips and methods of making your home presentable for get-together’s, garage sales, and so much more! Feel free to send us an email on your hospitality tips and tricks and we would love to use it on our blog. Send your ideas to info@gdusandiego.com.