Glass Garage Doors

Multi-Purpose Use

Glass garage doors are being used in a variety of ways for modern interior design. GDU installed several glass garage doors for an apartment complex in North Park, San Diego and were used for dividing the living room space with the outdoor patio area. These doors roll-up and add a unique way of bringing the outside inside your home! We used a wall-mounted garage door opener for this project which saved on storage and adds a clean appearance.

Glass Garage Doors

These doors are the same products we use for the different bars and restaurants we installed in downtown San Diego. They can be made to your opening and color coated to the spaces specifications.

Check out our project in Pacific Beach, San Diego:Bar & Restaurant Doors

The individual sections move along the track and fold up into your overhead space. Garage Doors have come along way! Home owners are also converted garage spaces around town and using them for more of a recreational purpose.

Check out this home in El Cajon, CA that has prepped their garage for entertaining family on the coming Thanksgiving holiday in 2017! Check out photos of this particular project:Glass Garage Doors

We LOVE the old entry door being used as a dining room table! Creativity and function are the two biggest elements we admire and adhere to at Garage Doors Unlimited! Check back soon for more unique and fun projects coming up!