Entry Gates

 At GDU want to show you how iron hardware can make such a change. This wooden driveway gate has a few different looks.

The first look, exhibit  #A is featured in one of our earlier blog posts:

Wooden Driveway Gate

This version is the earliest one that is natural and raw. No staining or painting of any kind has been added at this point. However simple this may appear, the natural grain of the wood is something that can’t be manufactured. Perfect for the rustic and wood purest out there.


The second version, of this very same gate is shown below stained through a custom process that still shows the natural grooves in the wood, while adding a little bit of color:

Wooden Driveway Gate


The final presentation of this gate is shown below in the next photo:

Wooden Driveway Gate

The iron accessories change up the entire look of this gate!  The clavos mixed with the iron straps add a Mediterranean flare that is more modern with this particular staining.

The options that are available to you at Garage Doors Unlimited is truly endless! Make sure to visit our blog and our galleries to see the latest projects done in our warehouse.