License & Registration Please!

The world of home improvement is exciting and fun! Getting the chance to add curb value to your home increases it’s worth and gives the old shack a fresh coat of paint.

You’re probably in the market looking for contractors and handymen to get your garage or kitchen all spiffed up. But what happens if the person you hired disappears? Cracks your wall? or just does a plain BAD job!?

Luckily you’re probably a San Diegan and the state of California has a great site that can give the consumer plenty of resources to get that contractor to pay up or else!

Contractors State License Board of CA

This site is very user friendly and has ways to look up whether or not your contractor has a valid license, whether it’s been revoked, or if it’s even up to date!

There’s even a section devoted to folks who are operating without a license. You can also file a complaint with the contractor’s board through this site.

If YOU are looking to become a licensed contractor in the state of California, this is an awesome resource, as you can apply through their site and even monitor the status of the application.

Don’t just let anyone into your home! Make sure they are qualified to fully complete the task at hand and offer you the best quality.