Maintenance Tips

At GDU, we build custom garage doors that are centerpieces to our customer’s homes. These elements are a real investment of money and time for your home.

Why not make it last??

We have some maintenance tips to ensure your new garage doors are set up to withstand the test of time.

5 ways to make your garage door last


Look and Listen

Electronic Wiring

Keep alert and watch your garage door open and close while listening for any noises that might be unusual. Your garage door is the largest opening in your home and you need to check for any issues throughout the year. Notate any loose hanging parts, hardware, or other signs of wear and tear.


Yearly Tune Up

Residential Home with two car garage



Just like your car your garage door needs a tune up every year. Having an inspection once a year will keep things running smoothly! Techs will inspect all your moving parts, your opener, and check that all hinges and hardware are tightened and ready to do some heavy lifting for years to come. There’s a 24 points of inspection on your garage door and every point is tested and checked for safety and efficiency.


Replace Broken Springs

Maintenance Tips

Your torsion springs are a part of the muscle that keeps your garage door functioning. Therefore, if it’s broken, make sure they are replaced ASAP. Broken springs can literally make or break your door. Keep them healthy!

A BIG tip about broken garage springs: NEVER replace them yourself! This part is packed with power and weight that can cause serious bodily harm or even death if not handled properly. Call a professional garage door technician and they will get them replaced easily and safely.



Check Weather Seals

Check Weather Seals


The rubber seal around the sides of the door and on the bottom keep your garage properly insulated. Check for any tears or gaps in the weather seals and make sure to have them replaced or adjusted. This protects your garage door and your garage itself from the outside elements like rain, snow, or rodents that can cause serious damage.




Sensor Alignment

Maintenance Tips

Your photo-eyes might seem like small little boxes at the bottom of your garage, but they keep your door moving safely. Adjust these parts to make sure they are firing away and giving the proper signal to your motor.  Do not let items in your garage block them or come to close to their path. This will cause your door to malfunction and behave improperly.

Check out this brief video by LiftMaster on how to make the proper adjustment for your door’s sensors.








Use these maintenance tips to keep your garage door running smoothly for years to come!