Moody Blues: Science behind Color

The power of using the right colors to invoke particular feelings is an amazing art form. It’s intricate enough that universities all over the world have formal studies dedicated to learning about it!

Color affects our mood and our general sense of comfort. Since seeing certain hues can help us make decisions about things at first glance, it’s an important factor to consider when styling your home.

Let’s take a brief look at colors and some of the associations we have with different ones.

Red brings about passion, increases heart rate, and invokes the fight or flight portion of the brain. Red is also an energy booster and can also be seen as aggressive.

Green communicates growth, peace, and can in turn also be associated with illness or discomfort.

Orange gives off warmth and can be associated with comfort and luxury as well as frivolity and tenderness.

Grey signifies neutral ground. It is the mixture between black and white and in the end is leaves an almost blank feeling.

Violet invokes royalty, emotional introspection and an element of spirituality.

Blue is associated with wisdom, tranquility and deep communication and bond.

How would all these apply to choosing the right accessories or paint for your home?

Think about each space in your home and the amount of time and purpose for each space.

Bedrooms are meant for winding down toward the end of the day and having a time for reflection and peace. A bright hue of Red may be counter productive if restful sleep is to engage. However, the hue is greatly important in choosing as well. A darker and richer red can be soothing and even create a sense of strength and security.

Consider the lighting in the room? Is natural light constantly flooding in? Is it the side of the house that is hidden away from sun 90% of the time? Is it an outdoor space? are you looking to paint the exterior of your home or Garage Door?

Consider the projects and priorities at hand and then make your selections.

Yellow, not mentioned above is also associated with energy and life and suits spaces like kitchens and porches, where energy and activity are the main goal.

The bathroom could be the best spot for green or violet, where cleansing and relaxation are top goals.

Take a minute to think about YOUR favorite colors and your space at home and how it reflects your mood and personality.