Move That Door

How do you know what kind of garage opener to get? It’s important to get the right type for your needs and everyone has different priorities.

Here’s a look at the different kinds that are out there and their benefits. Remember, this device is the power behind the actual door so it’s great to know your options!

Chain Driven: A mechanism built similar to a bike chain. The motor powers this chain and in turn moves your garage door.

Downside? It’s noisy! If your bedroom is directly above your garage it’s definitely something to consider

Upside? It’s affordable and has a reliability factor that is very good.

Belt Driven: Compared to chain models, belt driven types are just as sturdy and reliable, made with polyurethane or fiberglass.

Downside? The cost more than the average chain model.

Upside? These keep the noise down compared to the chain types.

Screw-Driven: This model has few moving parts, with a steel rod being the main piece working with the motor.

Downside? This type can be somewhat sensitive in climates where the weather experiences extreme shifts.

Upside? Low-maintenance! This model last a good amount of time and have very few parts. Bonus!

Jack-Shaft (Wall-mount) These unique wall-mounted models are more compact.

Downside? Price will be higher than the previous models mentioned

Upside? Space saver! This type fits on the side wall of your garage, freeing up the ceiling overhead. This allows optimum storage for all the other tools and items in the garage.

For more info on garage openers visit Liftmaster or Marantec‘s website for details.

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