Up-Cycling Transforms

Up-cycling is a trend that is becoming a great way of making something old into something fresh and usable again.

The internet is filled with awesome up-cycling ideas that can transform all different aspects of your home. Do a Google search for some of the materials you have around your home. You will be sure to find a solution to using these leftover products.

We are highlighting 2 projects that are not only beautiful, but also add unique character and function to your space.

Light Bulb Terrariums

Up Cycling

This was one of the most simple and resourceful ideas we found online. We found an amazing pin off of Pinterest!  Check out this great article on how to make this step by step.

You can turn those light bulbs that have burnt out into tiny little terrariums! All the components you need can be found in your home and in your nearest Wal-Mart. Include some moss, stones, and a cool piece of yarn to hang your light bulb and you have got a really nice accent to your home! This project is fun and cost effective.

Pallet Coffee Table

Up Cycling


People are using pallets for different projects around the home. Everything from creating a pallet wall in your living room, to picture frames, to gates, they are the multi-purpose item. We found a really great project that uses old pallets to create a mobile coffee table. Grab a fresh coat of paint and some wheels from your local hardware store and create a versatile and stylish coffee table for your living room.

Do YOU have a project you created for your home? Send us an email to info@gdusandiego.com and we would love to share your DIY project on our blog!